Happy New Year 2015!

Yes, it’s me! I haven’t posted in a while and I apologize. I’m just coming out of my busy “sewing season”. :) I do want to wish you all a very Happy New Year. I hope your year has all the love and comforts that life can offer.

As our celebrations and resolutions continue, I wanted to let you all know that I have reduced the prices of the “ready made” bodycages in my Etsy store. I want to make more room in my studio for some more wonderful kinky items. I just raided the fabric sales and I purchased more than I had thought. Every square inch of storage space in my studio is precious right now. So, to your benefit, I have reduced all the “ready made” bodycages by $5-15 each. They were already “on sale” and now it’s an even better deal. If you buy more than one, contact me and I’ll give you an even better deal! :) Bonus is that they are all ready to ship as well.

Happy 2015 everyone. I hope it’s a happy and sexy year for you!


Butterfly Bodycage (Body cage)

Butterfly Bodycage (Body cage)

Diamond Bodycage (Body cage)

Diamond Bodycage (Body cage)

Zena Bodycage (Body cage)

Zena Bodycage (Body cage)

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I’m Going on Vacation

So, it’s official. I’m heading out on holidays for the last week of September into the first week of October. I will not be sewing during that time but I should have access to emails. I will take orders but will just have them lined up for when I get back so please anticipate that delay. I will not be traveling with my sewing machines so I cannot make any exceptions to this.

I am frantically sewing everything up that is currently ordered and I don’t foresee any issues with the current orders. They will be shipped by Monday, September 23rd. At this time, if any news orders come in though, I won’t even start sewing them until October 5th. Thank you for your understanding and talk again soon! <3

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Summer Is Almost Over. Time To Heat It Up!

It has been a great summer here for us. I have actually enjoyed it too, not too hot but just right. We didn’t go anywhere exciting but just enjoyed the local paradises. :)   I think they call them “staycations”? Living on the West Coast of BC makes it easy to do many one day excursions.

I did a lot of sewing over the summer. I have sold more bodycages this summer than any other summer. I guess that is a good sign that my little business is on the right path. Part of me would love to do it full time but at the same time I like variety because I get bored pretty fast. I’m not sure if many of you know this but I have four jobs! I love them all for their own reasons. It keeps me busy and stimulated, hee hee! That’s never a bad thing right?

I had one big Ooops! this summer and ran out of red PVC material right in the middle of a bodycage. I had to get some shipped in express and then it didn’t match the previous color tone. I had to start over from scratch. I’m trying to find a better way of keeping track of inventory now so that never happens again. I had solid colored bins too and now switching over to see-through ones so I have quicker visuals of my fabric. I spend way too much time searching for fabrics.

Another exciting piece for me too, is that I’m in the market for a new sewing machine — a couple of them in fact. I’m getting an industrial one and then a second one which will allow me to do more advanced sewing skills. I never thought I wanted to quilt and do that sort of thing until recently. I have a friend at work who quilts and her work is beautiful with modern colors and styling. Not at all the “granny” style quilting that had me running scared. The machine I’m looking at it all computerized and does embroidery too. Again, not something I was too keen on but I have a couple of little side projects on the go that it would be handy for. The machines these days are all computerized and even thread themselves! Who doesn’t love that? I tend to do my sewing in the evenings and late at night (after my day job) so yes, sometimes threading the machine can be challenging when your eyes are tired from looking at a computer screen all day. I’m torn between all the available options. It is an investment when we are talking thousands of dollars! I don’t want to make a mistake.

Other than that, it has been a fun summer with all the various customers I have met. I love to hear the stories behind the purchases. The stories inspire me and I especially love hearing that one of bodycages helped to liberate someone’s inhibitions or has taken their pleasure to a new height. Life has too many stresses and responsibilities sometimes and we need to get down and get primal more often. You guys are truly great. Thank you for liking my Facebook page and visiting my various online stores too. I really appreciate it! *Kisses!*

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Another Holiday of LOVE is Gone

The holiday of LOVE is now over. It was a whirlwind for me and I’m glad I’m on the other side of it. I’m officially giving my fingers and hands a break from mass production. I’m pushing away from the sewing machine for a few days. I’ll probably miss it within the week or so–I never get too far away from it. Plus, I have a couple of creative projects and custom work on the go.

I’m in desperate need of more of some of my fabrics so another buying trip is in order. Shopping! :) I need more hardware too, hee hee. So funny watching them see how much I buy. I’m sure their minds are going crazy. One of the fabric ladies thinks I make purses. Ah…yeah…..LOL.

Thank you for the orders, I appreciate your business! I hope you all had a sexy and fun night with your new goodies!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New and Sexy Year! :)   I am finally through the busiest Christmas I have ever had making bodycages. It was awesome to connect with so many of you. I was feeling the love and appreciation for my designs and thank you for that. Thank you for following my little dream business and making it successful. I feel really blessed to have met some of you and the friendships that are starting to bud from it. Many blessings to you for the upcoming year and I hope some of them are of the sexy and kinky variety! :)

I have to say that New Years for me was not much of a festivity. Some of you may know that I was in the hospital for a few days early December and I had a bit of a recovery period (didn’t stop me from sewing though). By the time New Years eve came, I was honestly so exhausted from it all. I almost made it to midnight watching movies but fell asleep about 10 minutes before midnight. I was the life of the party this year! LOL  Oh well, there’s always next year — I’ll party twice as hard! Just want to be healthy and get back to my crazy but awesome life.

It was a good thing I got my rest on New Years eve because boy did I hit the fabric sales on New Years day and the couple of days after. I am so thrilled with all my finds and can’t wait to dig into them. I did promise myself though, that I’d do all the alterations on the Christmas presents first. I’m so bad! Many years they don’t get done for a couple of months but I should have them all done by tonight. Then it’s all sexy and kinky from there! Getting ready for the season of love now! Bring it on!!! <3

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Down but not out! Creativity still flows…

This week I got hit by a bad cold that was circulating around work. I thought for sure that I had missed it and just starting to gloat a little bit when it hit me. I should have known better, LOL. There were 4 bad days and then now for 2 I’m starting to feel better. Today I actually feel up to sewing again. I am a little behind schedule as a result but I’ll work hard this week to catch up. By Friday I should be back on schedule with shipping.

I wasn’t totally down and out though. I was able to draw up some new ideas for bodycage designs. I always listen to the feedback you give me and try to create new things that accommodate what you like — some with more coverage, some with less. ;)

I have a couple of quotes I need to finish up for full bodycages as well. So exciting! They are like jigsaw puzzles in how to put them together and I love a good puzzle! Both have garters and I LOVE garters and stockings. One of the designs will have stockings but the other will have full leg cages attached to the garters. Both projects will be fun and the ladies seem really cool so I hope they go forward with them. Both will be their first bodycages too! They are addicting though so I’m sure they will want more. :)

Anyone else getting into the Christmas spirit already? I’m still just in the planning phase. I always commit to not doing anything until after Remembrance Day. I didn’t get any Christmas baking done last year, at least not on time — I did a little in July! Hee hee. I’m hoping to get it done on time this year though. A few friends want to do tins up and swap this year so I want to participate.

I’m also excited about some jewelry I’m designing. I’m taking another course and learning some more skills. Loving it so far. It’s always fun to meet with different ladies, all ages and skill levels. Once I feel confident and consistent enough with my skills, I’ll open up another Etsy store for my jewelry pieces. I’ll be sure to post the link.

Enough chatting for one morning. I hope you guys have an awesome day. Make it great! Make it sexy! :)

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Catching Up!

I’ve been a bit negligent in posting in here lately. I had been really busy at work and time outside of that has been rather precious so something had to give. I have kept up with orders (most of it custom work) and have actually run out of some fabric. I have to restock several colors of PVC really soon since my busiest time of year is coming. That will be fun, I love spending hours in the fabric stores dreaming up stuff.

I’m trying to reorganize my sewing studio too. I’m getting rid of some old fabrics that I haven’t used in months (years) and making room for the new stuff. It’s a painful process purging bins and bins of fabric but it must be done! Plus, I’m looking at buying a new wall organization system which will allow better use of the space. Lots of measuring and pouring over the Ikea catalogue. How convenient that Ikea is just down the road from my favorite fabric store too! So, after I get organized again, I hope to be able to post more often.

This summer I also had the pleasure and honor of being a part of a couple of weddings. I designed the wedding night wear. :)   It seems to be a trend amongst my friends now, LOL. I also worked on a couple of projects for men too! I haven’t really focused on designing for men before but it was been a great learning experience for me and hopefully I can do more in the future. Besides that, I got a new car (I hate car shopping), won another fashion design award, had some great company stay with us, had a few BBQ bashes, had lots of adventures with the pup, got some fishing in and bought a new laptop. My old one blew up but I certainly got my money’s worth out of it. Never a dull moment around here!

My favorite time of year is here AND my favorite holiday too. Thanksgiving is my favorite because we focus on family and we are thankful for the things we have without the pressure of buying things like at Christmas. It’s the attitude of gratitude that I love! After that, I pretty much put my head down and work hard on Christmas rush orders. Don’t forget to order early to allow for shipping time. I look forward to working on your ideas and making them a reality for you!

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Under the Weather

Well, some of you may have heard how crazy the weather has been on the west coast of Canada lately. After losing our power multiple times over several days (the longest stretch for 35 hours), I have personally become under the weather and have caught a cold. I’m playing catch up now with orders, I apologize for delay. I should be caught up again by the end of the week. Thank you so much for your patience. You’ll be looking sexy in no time. :)

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Not Too Busy For Lovin’!

It has been a mad frenzy the last few of weeks. I’ve been sewing up some sexy pink, red, white and black bodycages for the lovely ladies of the world! I didn’t make a single bodycage in another color for the past month. I think it’s going to be a frisky Valentine’s Day! So many romantics guys out there really making the effort to treat their ladies right, I love to see it. My guy better get it right!!! (Shhh, I’m easy to please but don’t tell him!)  :)

Needless to say, I’ve cut off orders for Valentine’s Day now. I stopped Wednesday. Sorry, I forgot to post it earlier. Much love to you all! xoxox

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New Fabrics Galore!

This girl shopped until she dropped at the New Year’s Day sales at the fabric stores. I am loaded up with lots of fun, exciting, sparkly, slinky and super sexy fabrics for 2012. Everything was 50-70% off where I shopped too. I love a good sale!  :)

I even splurged and bought some fabrics to make treats for me! Some for work and some for play. I have to treat myself sometimes too!  :)

I’ll post some pics soon! I’ll add the new fabrics to my Facebook page too. Don’t forget to “like” me over there!

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