Catching Up!

I’ve been a bit negligent in posting in here lately. I had been really busy at work and time outside of that has been rather precious so something had to give. I have kept up with orders (most of it custom work) and have actually run out of some fabric. I have to restock several colors of PVC really soon since my busiest time of year is coming. That will be fun, I love spending hours in the fabric stores dreaming up stuff.

I’m trying to reorganize my sewing studio too. I’m getting rid of some old fabrics that I haven’t used in months (years) and making room for the new stuff. It’s a painful process purging bins and bins of fabric but it must be done! Plus, I’m looking at buying a new wall organization system which will allow better use of the space. Lots of measuring and pouring over the Ikea catalogue. How convenient that Ikea is just down the road from my favorite fabric store too! So, after I get organized again, I hope to be able to post more often.

This summer I also had the pleasure and honor of being a part of a couple of weddings. I designed the wedding night wear. :)   It seems to be a trend amongst my friends now, LOL. I also worked on a couple of projects for men too! I haven’t really focused on designing for men before but it was been a great learning experience for me and hopefully I can do more in the future. Besides that, I got a new car (I hate car shopping), won another fashion design award, had some great company stay with us, had a few BBQ bashes, had lots of adventures with the pup, got some fishing in and bought a new laptop. My old one blew up but I certainly got my money’s worth out of it. Never a dull moment around here!

My favorite time of year is here AND my favorite holiday too. Thanksgiving is my favorite because we focus on family and we are thankful for the things we have without the pressure of buying things like at Christmas. It’s the attitude of gratitude that I love! After that, I pretty much put my head down and work hard on Christmas rush orders. Don’t forget to order early to allow for shipping time. I look forward to working on your ideas and making them a reality for you!

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