Down but not out! Creativity still flows…

This week I got hit by a bad cold that was circulating around work. I thought for sure that I had missed it and just starting to gloat a little bit when it hit me. I should have known better, LOL. There were 4 bad days and then now for 2 I’m starting to feel better. Today I actually feel up to sewing again. I am a little behind schedule as a result but I’ll work hard this week to catch up. By Friday I should be back on schedule with shipping.

I wasn’t totally down and out though. I was able to draw up some new ideas for bodycage designs. I always listen to the feedback you give me and try to create new things that accommodate what you like — some with more coverage, some with less. ;)

I have a couple of quotes I need to finish up for full bodycages as well. So exciting! They are like jigsaw puzzles in how to put them together and I love a good puzzle! Both have garters and I LOVE garters and stockings. One of the designs will have stockings but the other will have full leg cages attached to the garters. Both projects will be fun and the ladies seem really cool so I hope they go forward with them. Both will be their first bodycages too! They are addicting though so I’m sure they will want more. :)

Anyone else getting into the Christmas spirit already? I’m still just in the planning phase. I always commit to not doing anything until after Remembrance Day. I didn’t get any Christmas baking done last year, at least not on time — I did a little in July! Hee hee. I’m hoping to get it done on time this year though. A few friends want to do tins up and swap this year so I want to participate.

I’m also excited about some jewelry I’m designing. I’m taking another course and learning some more skills. Loving it so far. It’s always fun to meet with different ladies, all ages and skill levels. Once I feel confident and consistent enough with my skills, I’ll open up another Etsy store for my jewelry pieces. I’ll be sure to post the link.

Enough chatting for one morning. I hope you guys have an awesome day. Make it great! Make it sexy! :)

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