Kinkin’ Up Your Christmas!

The Christmas rush for bodycages (body cages) is well underway. I’m loving being busy though, I’m certainly not complaining. I actually wish it could be Christmas all year round–people seem to be much nicer at this time of year. At least they are before the last minute shopping puts pressure on people. The dusting of snow the last week has really helped to put me in the mood too. My sewing studio looks like a bomb has gone off in it but I just love being surrounded by sexy fabrics and tons of sparkles! Pure bliss for me!

Unfortunately, I’ll need to talk about deadlines for shipping. If you place an order and expect it for Christmas, PLEASE send me an email and let me know. I know Canada Post has deadlines but you have to remember that it takes me time to make these items too, usually a couple of days (I do have a “regular” job too). I have a few ready-made bodycages (body cages) but most of them are custom designed just for you or your special lady to ensure the sexiest fit. If you send your (her) measurements early, it saves us both time in communication delays. They are necessary for me to get started. Having said all of that, I’m going to keep sewing and determine a shipping deadline a little closer to Christmas.

Kink up your Christmas with a custom bodycage (body cage) design by yours truly– MOI!

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Stephanie See-More xoxo

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