Happy New Year!

Happy New and Sexy Year! :)   I am finally through the busiest Christmas I have ever had making bodycages. It was awesome to connect with so many of you. I was feeling the love and appreciation for my designs and thank you for that. Thank you for following my little dream business and making it successful. I feel really blessed to have met some of you and the friendships that are starting to bud from it. Many blessings to you for the upcoming year and I hope some of them are of the sexy and kinky variety! :)

I have to say that New Years for me was not much of a festivity. Some of you may know that I was in the hospital for a few days early December and I had a bit of a recovery period (didn’t stop me from sewing though). By the time New Years eve came, I was honestly so exhausted from it all. I almost made it to midnight watching movies but fell asleep about 10 minutes before midnight. I was the life of the party this year! LOL  Oh well, there’s always next year — I’ll party twice as hard! Just want to be healthy and get back to my crazy but awesome life.

It was a good thing I got my rest on New Years eve because boy did I hit the fabric sales on New Years day and the couple of days after. I am so thrilled with all my finds and can’t wait to dig into them. I did promise myself though, that I’d do all the alterations on the Christmas presents first. I’m so bad! Many years they don’t get done for a couple of months but I should have them all done by tonight. Then it’s all sexy and kinky from there! Getting ready for the season of love now! Bring it on!!! <3

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